Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Slimmer, Bigger, Better – The Best

Samsung has finally revealed the 2015 #unpacked event (August 13th) and launched the world’s best smartphones the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. In the launch event, Samsung has confirmed most of the things that you were waiting for. The best thing is, official Galaxy Note 5 is now available in the market as Note 5 release date was 21st August and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pre-orders are starting today August 13th. Samsung once again has proved that they are the most premium brand in the Android smart devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Front looks

The launch of Note 5 was really interesting and Samsung represented the phone with a bang. To discover more and check the official introductory video from Samsung for Galaxy Note 5. You would definitely observe the new design and new beauty – Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The Note 4 was a great success for Samsung and there were no competitor for this device in Android phablet range. But when it comes to size, Apple has already joined the war of big gadgets by launching Apple iPhone 6 Plus last year and but Samsung won the flying colours. Without increasing the size of Galaxy Note 5, Samsung engineers managed to integrate little bigger display and yes they have done real compact thing by decreasing the bezel. With no doubts, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 looks beautiful.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rear looks

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pros and cons:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pros:

  • Best design and build quality: After the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, it was clear Samsung has started manufacturing best designed phones and now Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge plus are the example of creativity. Moreover, the premium material that is used in the Note 5, making it more Interesting.
  • Next level of S-Pen: New tweaks are added to the functionality of S-pen making not only unique but a worth buying smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Fast Charging and Wireless Charging: 120 minutes of charging time, 3000 mAh battery works flawlessly for a day. The new wireless charging in the Galaxy Note 5 is decent but may be next Galaxy Note 6 will bring something unique.
  • Powerful Camera that you will love: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is powered with the best camera available to any of the smartphones.
  • Better and efficient display: The Note 5 offers the next level of display performance and the story would go further with the upcoming launches like Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cons:

  • No MicroSD Card: 32GB / 64GB is not enough? Yes, we always wanted to see the microSD card slot in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • No 128GB Storage Option: Just 32GB and 64GB versions are available. However, you still have to pay more for 64GB, which could also be not enough.
  • Non-Removable Battery: The new design is one of the best things of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and on another hand; Note 5 suffered and sacrificed the removable battery.
  • No Infra-Red Blaster: Other manufacturers are adding new features including infra-red blaster in the phones to expand the usage of phones and it was little surprising in Note 5 as there is in no infra-red blaster.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date world-wide:

  • Galaxy Note 5 release date – 21st August 2015 – Officially Confirmed!
  • Galaxy S9 release date – Jan 2018?

As per the previous records of Galaxy Note series members, every leading gadget of its series was released in September month and but for the first time in history the new Galaxy Note device is going to launch in August as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date is scheduled for 21st August. And Galaxy Note 5 pre-orders already started, wait for a while we will update you the link to buy Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note 5 image

he trend of smartphone marketing is most volatile and new brands are forcing trend to be more and more volatile because of new launches and cheap prices of gadgets. If a leading brand as Samsung or Apple will not bring something unique with time then their small share might be eaten by some other brand because of their newest and most advanced product. So the reason is simple, competition and demand, brought the Galaxy Note 5 release date 1 month earlier to its schedule.

Update 19th, August – Two days to go for release

As mentioned earlier, Samsung has made the most advanced display for a smartphone and the test results shows the same, the Galaxy Note 5 display is the best ever manufactured. The efficiency, brightness and colors are more than perfect. Already last year, DisplayMate commented that Note 4 has the best display in the 2014, and with more points Galaxy Note 5 display became the best so far.

Note 5 display offers greater screen visibility and reliability. The colorr graph is at absolute accuracy. And the same results are shown by the display of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. So, Samsung fans wait for the 21st August, just two more days and Galaxy Note 5 would be released, grab the best display smartphone till date!

Update 13th, Galaxy Note 5 launched, Samsung Revealed new Note 5 accessory

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was really interesting and Samsung officially revealed Note 5 preorder starting from August 13th and release date August 13th. And also, presented few Galaxy Note 5 accessory, one of them is shown in the below image. Also, as you can see it is a detachable QWERTY keyboard which seems to be interesting. Let’s see how it would work, but wait for the Galaxy Note 5 review that we would publish soon.

deatachable QWERTY-keyword Galaxy Note 5 accessory

Galaxy Note 5 Specifications and Features – Amazing and flawless

Just for recap, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had Qualcomm 805 chipset coupled with Quad-core processor clocking up to frequency of 2.7 GHz. And interestingly 2K resolution display, 3GB RAM and 16MP camera. And now here comes the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Exynos 7420 octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, slim profile and more efficient display. You can expect the fastest performance ever happened in any smartphone before.

Here is the list of Galaxy Note 5 specifications and features:

  • Samsung Exynos 7420 (14nm) Octa-core processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 2K resolution display (efficient than Note 4)
  • Advanced TOUCH ID button
  • Metal frame design
  • Fastest Wireless charging capabilities – in 120 minutes, full charge
  • Rear 16MP  and front 5 MP
  • Capturing 4K resolution video
  • No microSD slot & No removable battery :(
  • Live broadcasting feature
  • new Samsung Pay

The story doesn’t end here for the Galaxy Note 5 specifications, lot more to discover after the Galaxy Note 5 release date.  As you can see in the images that, all amazing specifications and features are packed in a beautiful metal sleek gadget, the 2K resolution display is a revolutionary mark in the smartphone industry and Samsung is already one the first to incorporate such thing in their smartphone. And now Samsung has manufactured more efficient display, however the performance would be only reveal after the release.

Wait for more surprises!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was really a good phablet but it is not revolutionary.  But the revealed Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may meet the revolutionary benchmark, already the specifications are breakthrough and another thing, finally Note series got a very new metal design. So, why don’y you grab a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

This was all about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which has just made its entry. The Galaxy Note 5 price range is between $750 to $850 and more discounted deals going to come soon, so stay tuned with us.

Also check the beautiful and beast smartphone from Google, the Google Pixel 3 that will release this year.

Buy Galaxy Note 5 deals and accessories:

Update 21st August

Samsung has finally released the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and now you can buy Galaxy Note 5. Also, the Note 5 duos double SIM version is available, don’t forget to check from the below link:

Buy Galaxy Note 5 now

There are more surprises to discover regarding the Galaxy Note 5, and soon we would publish the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review, so subscribe to us, so that we would directly reach to your mail box with latest updates, and like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus! Cheers!

348 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Slimmer, Bigger, Better – The Best

  1. First Microsoft with Windows 8 and now Samsung with Note 5. Taking away the very things that set Samsung a part from Apple is why I purchased a Samsung product. No removable battery, really. No hard reset button either. How long until a Samsung Note 5 with Android software freezes and locks up the phone……who were the engineers on this one, Moe, Larry and Curly. To add insult to injury no place to capitalize on all the files saved over the years on my memory card and no I don’t trust the “cloud” either. Poor choice Samsung.

  2. I love my Note 5 (as did I love my Note 2) and would not think to insert the stylus backwards. Lesson to be learned….don’t let just anyone play with your smart phone. These phones are not toys. I don’t see class action suit but do feel that Samsung should do something to compensate.

    1. Hi think your female with a name Daphne! have you never done anything on the spur of moment without really looking like an subconscious think without thinking/looking at it like something you’ve done many times and know it without having to actually look at it like say putting the keys in the door or car?
      Or a boy putting his stylus “wrongly”into you then after thinking hell that was a bad choice should have not done that?
      We all do things like that like putting sim in wrong side up for one with them being so can’t see contacts etc etc
      But what Samsung should have done/do etc is A learn from it and not be so Butt holey B be quiet about it and have some good will to that person and learn what’s gone wrong.C modify the stylus if needs to.
      But Samsung don’t have a great attitude re faults anyway always blame others and another thing is with metal casings on phones and condensation/moisture as it conducts heat/cold so cold phone warm body/breath. Had with nokia N8’s etc plus Apple had a class action against them in finland as NFP minus ??? cold phones in pocketyou use it or go somewhere warm like inside house then moisture starts.
      Happens to people that work in those big freezer/cold warehouses already.

  3. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!! We LOVED this phone until my Mother accidentantally and in the dark inserted the stylus end-first .

    The phone is broken and AT*T will not replace it.

    We are livid! Class-Action suit?

    Heading to ABC 7 TV Consumer on Your Side show to demonstrate.

  4. Really looking forward to switch my iPhone to the note this yr. now no battery replacement and no microsd card,I probably stay with the iPhone, no point of switching.

  5. There was a time when Samsung would make an effort to ATTRACT new customers. Now, they are big. So why make an effort? Repackage the S6 and give it to the suckers as Note 5, they will buy. Take away the removable battery so the suckers will come back in 1 year with a dead battery for a new phone (or a $150 battery replacement). Take away the SD card, the suckers don’t need it. Well, this sucker is running away from Samsung as fast as he can!

  6. IS SAMSUNG SERIOUS!!! Are they trying to compete with iPhones or trying to become like them? They completely missed the mark by making the battery internal and removing the SD expansion card capability. Making the battery internal is like a marketing ploy from iPhone so that you do not stay with their older phones for too long. Either you get a new phone, or have someone technical to install the battery. But I hated iPhones for removing the SD card expansion slot, which is the reason I never bothered owning an iPhone. Now, Samsung is playing monkey-see-monkey-do, and will hurt themselves for it. I am now looking into LG or Motorola phones. Which do you recommend?

  7. I have a Note 3. I’m using Samsung mobile phones since many years. I was waiting for the Note 5 to replace my Note 3. But without SD slot I will replace it with a device from another manufacturer because I need it. Since the Galaxy S6 I believe that Samsung is going wrong. What made its devices different from others is disappearing so why should we buy them twice than others? Today Europe will not have Note 5… maybe a Note 5 with a SD slot may come or/and dual sim ?
    I had a dream… in this advertising it was another manufacturer. Today I no longer dream to Samsung’s devices :-(

  8. Also looks like Verizon is not going to support Samsung Pay. I have been a long time Verizon and Samsung customer and can’t believe they wouldnt jump on this. Would have been the only reason I stuck with Verizon or Samsung…but doesn’t look good for me sticking with either company now.

  9. I’ve been reading everywhere that the Galaxy Note 5 will not be available in the UK and Europe. As to why or who made such a stupid decision, they will soon realize there is a huge market for this phone in the UK and this will have a huge impact on their customer base. There are many people who are already talking about moving to other phones due to this decision. I hope Samsung realize their error here and do decide to launch in Europe and UK before it’s too late.

  10. I loved samsung because it wasnt like the iphone. The external memory and removable battery take away is a HUGE MISTAKE!!

    1. you are right mr.jonathan, Samsung did big mistake to remove sd slot & battery removal option. Now most of the consumer will move to iPhone.

  11. If I wanted an iPhone, I would buy an iPhone.

    Samsung has been my preferred mobile phone manufacturer for years, but it seems like they are trying hard to mimic Apple. Samsung, you have a great product. Stay the course. Listen to your customers. There’s a reason why you have the brand loyalty that you enjoy. You offer a better product than your competitors running Android, and a better alternative to Apple. JMO

    I had wanted a Note since the first generation was released. I finally bought the 4 (glad I didn’t wait for the 5), and I am extremely happy with it. However, I was looking forward to the 4K resolution on the 5, and was going to give my wife my 4 and buy the 5. While the improvement of the S pen is something that I would enjoy, as I use that feature a lot, it isn’t enough to justify the downgrade. For the next generation, PLEASE bring back the ability to expand the memory, and a removable battery

  12. Hi my thoughts/comments exactly this is an Enterprise/Business level phone designed or was? for working/production why it has the pen etc.
    Now if they was smart instead of making S6 clone! they’d have Msd slot could be even two so one could be hot swap but also able to plug in so can upload to a usb drive like my Nokia N8 has comes with short lead for that plus one for HDMI.
    As many people esp if doing designs don’t want to go through cloud crap/google etc as they steal your info plus once leaving phone is intercept able by anyone else as going over airways many company details have been breached this way.
    Mind bet many don’t know that they can record and set you camera on without you knowing! why cover front one on mine small piece of tape over it.
    Data/details are big money to these people.
    But as said i think Apple and Samsung etc are going to get a very sore Butt very soon as Phones coming from likes of China are going to kick them very hard soon look at one plus for one and that ximeo on the show launch other day there coming so move over A&S your times up!
    Was looking at Sony but after hearing about so many issues with screens breaking then trying to get right ones as colours always being wrong after esp if have to go to a phone shop once warranty run out steering clear of and LG thinks there smart trying to lock phone so can’t be Rooted so they can keep them plus ignorant company to deal with.Apple have poor ethics tryng to keep you out plus hear soo many problems with people locked out of there own phones guy got my N8 from had one gave to his mum they blocked/locked it all down even with his details/receipt etc etc they stuck there fingers up in the air at him so they can keep there phones.
    So there newer phones are looking more the way to go must admit.
    do know a few using One Plus one and love them had a play with a one and must admit very smooth and feels very well built to so solid.
    Plus one thing Samsung has forgot! with an alloy casing what happens with metal casings/frames?” Condensation” now are they going to warranty phones that come back “water damaged”? Apple had a class action on the early phones in places like Finland as NFP as Finland/Sweden/Norway are/can be very cold places for quite a fair time of the year so your out and about in minus??? cold now alloy is a reasonable conductor half as good as copper but even so that cold is transferred into phone now Johnny Nordic gets phone out to make a call or gets into a warmer place like home so one he breathes on phone other it warms up so now there’s moisture present around phone so now have it water damaged through no fault of your own so a case for NFP/Not fit for purpose!

  13. I believe Samsung is making a big mistake. By taking away the micro SD slot, and by not allowing the battery to be changed, will really hurt sales, and even give the competition to go ahead of them. I along with many others, would rather get the note 4 or another brand, than not be able to change the battery. Big mistake Samsung. I believe you are taking 1 step forward, and then at least 1 backwards. Wake up guys, and don’t let pride or money be the reason you hold back, if you want to remain number 1, and to gain new customers. You will continue to lose future customers by not allowing the battery to be swapped out, and by eliminating the micro SD card slot. Add these 2 into the next version and watch sales go up, or continue allowing money savings to determine what is included. Don’t add new technology and then remove good technology and expect to gain new customers. It won’t happen! Put the SD slot back, and also allow the battery to be exchanged, and you will see your customers increase. I know some will get a different phone rather than not be able to change their battery, and many others also want their optional additional storage.

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