Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs OnePlus 2: The era of Type C

We recently updated that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be the first smartphone to feature the USB type C but hold on, do you remember OnePlus? Yes the Chinese manufacturer, now known to the world as another premium brand of smartphone, is going to release its second-generation flagship the OnePlus 2. The previous OnePlus One has given competition to all the premium brands because of its affordable price, flagship specifications and quality built. And recently, OnePlus has officially shared on twitter that next OnePlus 2 is going to have type C. Now question is, in the race of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs OnePlus 2? Would be ahead or they are going run parallel? Let’s discover!

 Galaxy Note 5 vs OnePlus 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the only most awaited device of Samsung in the 2015 and within couple of months this beast would shout on the market shelves, however we can’t expect the price to be affordable but you would find something great in the next phone, whether it is build, quality and performance is not even questionable. But Samsung will mind if some Chinese would reduce its sale but premium brand the OnePlus. No doubt the OnePlus has created its own place in the market in just one year, if you remember in the month of June 2014, OnePlus revealed the OnePlus One and still the phone is counted as one of the flagships in the market. And similarly it could happen, the release date of OnePlus one is very near could happen in a month or two and Galaxy Note 5 is still far. And on one hand, OnePlus has already confirmed USB type C in OnePlus 2, so next Galaxy Note 5 could not be the first to feature the USB type C but still it would the market ruler. And definitely the winner of the war between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs OnePlus 2 would be the Note.

 Galaxy Note 5 vs OnePlus 2

However, as mentioned above the price of OnePlus 2 would be much lower to the next Samsung Galaxy Note but you would only experience the more quality and smoothness in the Note 5, for a recap we just want to give light on the few of the rumours of next Note that includes 4K display, 4GB RAM, 16-core processor and a very special S-pen. The story is just started and you could stay tuned to know more about the next beast and its wars like Galaxy Note 5 vs OnePlus 2.

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