Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date is just few hours ahead, yes 21st August is the day for the Note 5 release, however there are few countries like UK and Europe for which the release date is in dilemma. Everyone is already excited after the launch on 13th August, thousands of pre orders are already done, a report yet to come from the end of Samsung and we think, this time Samsung has done its job perfect but few compromises like removable battery and microSD card slot are absent :(. Rest is just amazing.

Galaxy Note 5 release date

Galaxy Note 5 release date – early to its schedule in August 2015?

Galaxy Note 5 release date

It’s a surprise for everyone, for the first time in past four years Samsung has launched Note series device in the month of August. Earlier, it used to happen in the month of September. Well, this is a good news for fan, who were waiting to buy Note 5, can grab one on the August 21st as it is the official Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date. However, at the moment the release date data for different countries is still not available and we hope, Samsung would soon reveal the Note 5 on the market shelves of different countries. Price of Note 5 would be different in different countries, however the range would be between 800 to 1000 USD. And the fans, who got disappointed after the launch of Note 5, as there is no microSD and removable battery, don’t worry Samsung is going to release Note 5 duos, however the Galaxy Note 5 duos release date is still not confirmed and also, the availability of Note 5 duos could be limited to few of the countries.

Galaxy Note 5 release date

Are you excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

As mentioned above, there are of course few disappointment in the Note 5, and many of the fans are disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date, who were waiting since months. Specifically, just after the Galaxy S6 release date. And now, people who don’t need microSD and removable battery are still happily up for buying the Note 5. And people, who are not in favour, well according  to us, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is still a great phone out there, even you can call it is best phone Samsung ever manufactured. Don’t just compare it to iPhone, it is just more than that. And soon, we would publish the Galaxy Note 5 review that would clear more things. So stay tuned! Happy Galaxy Note 5 release date – 21st August!

7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

  1. The new LG G4 is coming out with TB2 memory. Will the Samsung Note 5 have this much memory or will we be able to upgrade to this amount of memory?

    1. The LG G4 has memory expandable through SD card to 2TB, not 2TB out of the box. The G4 comes with 32gb of internal storage out of the box. The Galaxy Note will most likely come with 64/128gb of internal storage, and feature a micro SD card slot to expand up to 256gb.

  2. I second the motion on the first comment, additional was.., water resistant, metal body case, back panel leather case, scratch proof, dual LTE, screen fingerprint sensor, fm radio, dual sim and memory card storage, front facing speaker long battery life and fast charging.

  3. I agree..removable battery and storage are important to me..even if charging only takes 10 minutes.Attention Samsung: Do not take away micro SD storage and removable battery

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