Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with just 3000mAh non-removable battery

Earlier there were discussion regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery, that it would be removable or non-removable as Galaxy S6. We already mentioned in few of our articles that we won’t have removable battery. The design scheme is similar to the S6, so on the same lines, we don’t have removable battery and even microSD card slot. Disappointment, but can’t work with it as of now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery capacity

The disappointment may not limit till non-removable characteristic, but also Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery capacity is just 3000 mAh as per the revealed information, official data yet to come but yes again a disappointment.

This all is forcing us to think, in which specs Note 5 would be better to the Note 4, we don’t have removable battery and microSD card slot and even the capacity is lesser to Note 4. Better display and more processing power, wouldn’t effect the battery life? Well, we do have the same questions running in our brain. But the solution could be just to wait for the actual announcement to happen next week. As of now, we would again say the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery capacity is a big concern and it would actually force you think, that Note 5 could be a better solution for you or not.

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