Apple iPhone 9 vs. Samsung S9: Which one to be the best?

Apple is said to release two of its best members of the flagships. So, now the biggest question is which one to bang on the “iPhone 9” or the smartphone “iPhone 8”. The fans are in a big trauma.

What to do? Which one to hit? When will it be declared officially? When are we going to know the actual details and specs of the gadgets? All are looking forward to the date when all the mysteries will be sorted out and the dates of registration of the gadgets will arrive.

Till now whatever features and specifications we have heard and gone through, they all point out that Apple is going to conquer the electronic market with its latest and coolest gadgets with the most happening technologies and features added to them. iPhone 9 is going to be the best among the phablet group with its some of the never seen specs and features in any other gadget till now.

About Apple iPhone 9, it has been heard that it will be available in two different colour and those are black and white, the two ultimate variations. Apple S, the other brother from the same mother will be available in the market in three different colours.

Both the phones Apple iPhone 9 and Apple iPhone 8 are said to have near bout same specifications and features, which signifies that both the smart phones in-turn can become each other’s rival, which can bring a very difficult situation for the company.

As the days are passing the rumours about the gadgets too are increasing day-by-day. The most recent thing which is heard is iPhone 9 is expected to come just around the corner and with awesome thing included in it has now labelled with the tag of “Beast of Apple”.

iPhone 9

On the other hand the brother of iPhone 9 i.e. Apple iPhone 8 is hyped because of the huge leap which it has taken from the prior member of the i Series, iPhone 7. It is said that iPhone 8 is on a mode to change the smartphone market with its super extended form of mode both from top and bottom, so as to get a bigger and better screen again it is also said the variation can be seen in the size of the phone with its two different screen size. But the body of both iPhone 9 and iPhone 8 is said to be made sturdy and robust with the better and new mixture of metals and alloys, which will give them a better body with the sleek, elegant and lush-plush look.

So, now we have to wait for the company’s official announcement to come up. After their announcement only we can come down to a point that which one between them iPhone 9 and iPhone 8 is going to hit the hearts of the fans and public. For the time being we can just wait.

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