Detachable QWERTY-keyboard for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+: Revealed

Samsung has finally launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, however the release date is still few days later. Also, with the launch few of the interesting things and Galaxy Note 5 accessory are revealed.

deatachable QWERTY-keyword Galaxy Note 5 accessory

If there is something that some consumers do not have enough more than anything else in modern smartphones, it is likely a physical keyboard. In the past, physical keyboard equipped in almost all smartphones, but now this component is considered to be archaic and extremely rare – an advantage in some smartphones like BlackBerry. And Samsung, showcased at a special event Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 it’s Own Case Keyboard for new smartphones Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge +. And at the moment this Galaxy Note 5 accessory sounds cool, but we could review it only after the Note 5 release.

deatachable QWERTY-keyword Galaxy Note 5 accessory

Unlike keyboards Typo, which are connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth and increase the length of the device, making it more cumbersome case with physical QWERTY-keyboard of the Samsung smartphone is superimposed over the display, thereby closing a half of the screen. When you connect your smartphone recognizes the keyboard and automatically adjusts the user interface to the reduced size of the display. All keystrokes are recognized by touch screen smartphone, eliminating the need to use a Bluetooth connection or an extra battery in the keyboard itself. We have seen this kind of official accessory for the first time, and it would definitely increase the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 accessory catalog.

Moreover, the keyboard is not only easy to put on and take off, but in the case of uselessness can be mounted on the back of the smartphone. Agree, Samsung’s decision differs from all previous kinds of accessories.

This Galaxy Note 5 accessory would be available just after the release, so let’s wait for the August 21st, as more surprises are waiting.

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