Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Let’s compare

Samsung the leader of phablets is moving towards the next level as the Galaxy Note 5 release date is approaching but the fight would not be easy as Apple would be launching its second beast Apple iPhone 6S Plus.

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So, let’s discover who is ahead in the war of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus

Just before going further, as you know both the devices are not yet released and this Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus comparison is based on the several rumours.

We have already discovered the rumours and expectations from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 here but a question is raised like would it be the best phone of 2016? Would you wait for Galaxy Note 5 or buy Galaxy Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 5? Well, in the war of iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is ahead because it is the best class display, lighter, slimmer and its S-pen had made it the most interesting gadget of 2014. And now the history would be repeated with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus War.


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Brands like Sony, HTC and Apple are walking on the realistic path and they have avoided going further in resolution than full HD. However, iPhone 6 is not yet full HD but iPhone 6 Plus is full HD (the first full HD iphone), whereas Samsung has reached two folds the full HD resolution in the Galaxy Note 4 and if there would be 4K resolution (very controversial as it is not needed) then Samsung would set the new world record of pixel density in commercial phablet or Android smartphone. And in iPhone 6S Plus you can’t expect even 2K resolution display. In the comparison Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus display, Samsung is leading and it will lead in the case of Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus war.

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus


Apple is known for its most optimum and optimised hardware in their iPhone but now Samsung is moving towards the new pole and the optimisation in the Note 4 was pretty interesting. (If you know, iPhone 6 Plus gets more heat if compared to the Galaxy Note 4 on heavy use). In the performance section, Samsung would be going crazy and in the war of Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus we would have the Note 5 as winner with its 4GB RAM, Octa-Core processor and more. Where as, in the next iPhone we would only see a small update of processor and it would definitely not change the game until the iPhone 7 Plus release date. So, again you have your verdict with you.

The game should be fair! Apple fans you can also comment and share here your view regarding previous Galaxy Note series experience or expectations. However, Apple is new the race of phablets and this year too, Samsung would be the leader, we would no see any replacement. So now you all have the answer for the Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus.

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