Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5: Comparison

Samsung just announced its first quarter 2015 profit and its around $5.5 billions and on other hand, LG announced its first quarter 2015 profit which is around $300 millions, so from this you can judge which one is big brand but still after Samsung, in the smartphone era LG is counted as predecessor. And both of these brands are giving stiff competition to each other, for example right after the release of Galaxy S6 we have the LG G4 and both are very comparable. But being having the bigger display we can say, LG G4 matches to the Note series instead. And we have already covered its comparison with our star Galaxy Note 5. But what about the next version and next fight Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5? Let’s discover.

Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5

Well on one hand its too early to conclude something out of the Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5 war but history reflects, if you compare the LG G4 with Galaxy Note 4 then you would find a very close fight and in few things Note 4 is still ahead, overall similar is going to happen with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5. As discussed in the previous articles, that Samsung is betting on the 4K display in the Galaxy Note 5, so our question is, would there be 4K display in LG G5? Well, it’s not about being forward or being standing first with the 110 marks out of 100, because it’s not a need. And if we talk about the perception of smartphone uses, who wouldn’t love more in the same size phone. So, answer is yes, LG should also bet on the same.

Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5

If we talk about the energy efficiency, then also Samsung would be the winner between the Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G5 because Samsung’s smartphone displays are more efficient and also with the fast charge technology, Samsung is taking advantages. Well, all of these are just basic as trend is moving towards new pole and definitely you would find another world of smartphones very soon.

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