Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Xperia Z5: The future is near

The goals of Samsung is not just to stay at the top most position in the world but also to serve something unique that would be invincible and till now Samsung Galaxy Note series played the same and every with a new launch Samsung took its series to the new standards and other manufacturers are just seeing the stats and profits of Samsung. No other, other manufacturers are trying to overcome the situation and they have to launch new devices even if they are not ready. For example, the recent Xperia Z4 is simply similar to the past Z3 (if we ignore few changes), and it’s not about Sony, Apple or Samsung, Android smartphones fans want something different and functional and same is expected from the topmost leader’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However, with the time the phablet series of Samsung would get serious competition and on other hand struggling Sony smartphone unit would also come up with something better and in the near future we could see a big fight between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Xperia Z5.

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The fight would not be limited to the configuration, as the new trend demands extra ordinary features, at least in the camera sensor Sony is still ahead to other brands and we bet Samsung would definitely reveal its most amazing camera sensor this year with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date. But the question is, would it be enough for a win in the match of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Xperia Z5? Well, no! Samsung would be doing serious work on design and as expected we would definitely get the metal uni-body in the Note 5, however we don’t want to lose microSD and removable battery characteristics.

Galaxy Note 5 vs Xperia Z5

Sony Z4 is featuring non-removable battery and in our survey with the readers of this blog, most of the people actually want removable battery and microSD card slot, so they can’t compromise. And it is clear Samsung would not go with the same configuration as of Samsung Galaxy S6. So, the mission for the Samsung is clear if he wants to win between the wars like Galaxy Note 5 vs Xperia Z5. And the fight would not be limited to just Z5, if you are aware soon we would see iPhone 6S plus too. But in the end, Samsung would be verdict with its functional experiments that has given the world the power of Note.

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