Revealed Note 5 Cases suggests no microSD and removable battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date august 2015 but seems like Samsung is going to snatch all the surprises we were waiting for. Expecting removable battery and external microSD card slot is not high-end specs, and few hours ago the Galaxy Note 5 cases images are out (claiming to be the Galaxy Note 5 cases, but no official information attached). And these images are reflecting same design as Galaxy S6 but with just S-pen, bigger in size, thats it? It is sad for all Samsung fans.

Galaxy Note 5 cases

No doubt, it is proven in past few months that microSD and removable battery can play a major role in success of smartphone, keeping the exceptional case of Apple iPhone which was born without microSD and removable battery slot. Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases, which are revealed in the images may not be true as they are not official, may be few freaks leaked them by just attaching our flagship name. The hope can’t end now, else in the end Samsung has to listen the music by its fans.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases

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