Note 5 Edge and Note 5 Concept Images

The discussion is already on, would there be microSD card slot or removable battery in the next Note 5? or Samsung wants us to compromise as we have done in case of Galaxy S6. Well, soon we would get the answer as Note 5 and Note 5 Edge receives the status as Coming Soon, however it is not official but the release date the 21st August is not so far now. Here, we present you the Note 5 concept images, which would be nearest to the original design that would be revealed very soon.

Note 5 Concept Images

Well, in the above Note 5 concept images as you can see dual-speakers, on that Samsung may not bet as it had never done in the past, there might not be dual-speakers, but if Samsung actually wants to integrate them, it would be best for the fans.

Note 5 concept images

Gradually, Samsung smartphone design has improved with time, there is lot of difference between the Galaxy S5 and the recent Galaxy S6, and we hope the same that the difference would definitely be maintained between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5.

This was all about the new Note 5 concept images, stay tuned for more.

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