Note 5 Final Images Out – No microSD & No Removable Battery

Next week, Samsung is going to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and every day fans excitement is going to another level. Till now, in the leaked informations many of the things are pre confirmed about the next Note 5. For example, in the below Note 5 final images it is clear the new design is based on S6 design. And we don’t have microSD and removable battery slot.

Note 5 final images

The images doesn’t look like a rumour, in our thinking this is actually the Note 5 final images, but we can’t declare it before the final launch, as still there is a possibility.

Note 5 final images

The Note 5 design is still interesting as it is reflected in the above Note 5 final images, however the real images would be shown in the press conference about to happen in the next week. Also, you could clearly see at the back of the device we have another Glass similar to the case of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

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