Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Google Nexus 2015: Comparison

Last year, in 2014 we witness the war of Samsung, Google, LG, Sony and HTC with their phablet warriors and there was an interesting war between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Motorola Google Nexus 6. And with time all brands are getting better, however Samsung proved to be the best among all being the inventor of phablets. Also, there were rumors that in 2015 we would witness any other smartphone in the Google Nexus series but in the recent past we learnt this year Google Nexus 2015 might be manufactured by the Huawei or HTC, till the end of this year we could also see two Nexus high-end smartphones. And on other side, Samsung would run on its planned track, we would definitely see the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Edge in the month of September or earlier and in the month of October you can expect the Google Nexus 2015. But who would be verdict between Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Google Nexus 2015? Let’s discover.

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Samsung internal rumours have already confirmed the presence of 4K resolution display but on other hand the for the next Google Nexus 2015 smartphone we can’t expect anything, but it would be atleast 2K resolution as the in previous Nexus we have already 2K resolution. But if in next Nexus 2015 smartphone, there would be 4K-resolution display then there would be definitely an interesting fight of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Google Nexus 2015. The display is the most vital part of smartphone and resolution, sharpness and quality does matter and Samsung would definitely turn the next Note device in the fire.

Galaxy Note 5 vs Google Nexus 2015

As the processor is concerned, in the next Nexus 2015 smartphone we would only see the Snapdragon Qualcomm 82X chipset but in the next Galaxy we would have Samsung branded Exynos special chipset (might feature 16-core processor), quality camera sensor and lots of other interesting feature. We have already commented on the May 16th update of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which refer to the presence of very special S-pen and its related application. And since the birth of Google Nexus smartphone series it lacks the stylus. And Nexus would be surprised if next Nexus would make it with some stylus. However as per the present stats and study the war of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Google Nexus 2015 smartphone is in favour of Samsung. But still, the launch is still months away and in the end time we could definitely see something interesting.

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