Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 8 Plus: After two years fight

It’s actually crazy, if we talk about the war between the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 8 Plus. Well, as we know soon our next Note flagship would appear in the market shortly and on other hand, iPhone 8 Plus which would appear in the market after 2 years. Soon, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 7 Plus would be out in the market and later, next year probably Apple iPhone 8 Plus would come. Today’s our discussion topic is, would Samsung Galaxy Note 5 able to stand out in the market for 2 years?

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 8 Plus

If we talk about the display, the Samsung is the only verdict in the market, Note 5 promised to come with 4K resolution display and however, Apple has not yet reached the benchmark of 2K resolution. For the first time full HD resolution display appear in any iPhone was 2014 and yes this year also you can’t expect more resolution than full HD in the next Apple iPhone 7 Plus. So, the things are clear, Apple is more practical, it doesn’t want to impress the users with just numbers. But according to study, the more resolution is actually a plus factor. And Samsung has surprisingly has made 2K resolution display which is more efficient than full HD resolution display released in 2014 smartphones. So, Samsung motive is clear. And even after two years, their may chances that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 8 plus may share the same resolution display.

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 8 Plus

As the processor is concerned, after two years of course, Galaxy Note 5 processor would be slower as compare to the iPhone 8 plus chipset, but still Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would still stand out in the market. At the launch time of Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung will welcome the apple with its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 verdict. Well, as we said this would sound actually crazy if we discuss about the future smartphone that would come after 2 years. But still, we can say Samsung is ready to bring the next revolution in the smartphones with the upcoming Galaxy Note verdicts.

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