Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen images – confirms release date?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date august 12, seems to be in dilemma but on another hand, the new leaks and accessories of Note 5 are being leaked, today we have something to share, which is claimed as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S pen images, but they look very familiar to the past devices of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S pen

The above Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S pen image suggests very simple S pen, and it seems like Samsung forgot to add the innovation. If Samsung is redesigning its new Note device then why not the S-pen, and what’s the reason to make it so simple is still not clear. However, we can’t believe it, as it is not 100% authentic because Samsung has not made any claims over it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S pen

This was all about the revealed Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S pen images, however this time August 12 release date rumor came with more information, such as a battery capacity to be 4100 mAh, 16MP camera (similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge), 2K resolution display, 5MP OIS front camera, 4GB of RAM and 7422 Exynos chipset with 8-core processors. And if you ask us, where is the creativity and innovation? Rather than believing it, let’s wait for the final release which is after few weeks then everything would be clear and we hope, Samsung won’t disappoint us.

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