Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and One Plus 2: 4GB RAM Smartphones

Three years ago who imagined that there would be 4GB RAM in a smartphone, but time & technology is changing so quickly that you won’t doubt if there would be a smartphone in the market which would work faster than your laptop. Yes, the new generation smartphones are just verdict among all. In 2015, the most high-end specifications of a smartphones are defined by their processor, display and their memory. My first computer used to run on 256MB RAM and now today’s generation phone is even running on 4GB RAM smartphone. And OnePlus 2 has already joined this war, however Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would also join this war, as present is just unofficial.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4GB RAM

If you would ask any Samsung smartphone, that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4GB RAM is possible, then without thinking you would get an answer yes, and it is going to be true very soon.

On other side, surprisingly OnePlus has tried to give everything that you may require in phone, however the battery life and display is still in question. We don’t see the difference in the display of OnePlus One and OnePlus 2. Same, just full HD display and trend is of 2K resolution display. OnePlus 2 is strong competitor of Galaxy S6 and on other hand, if Note 5 4GB RAM is true then just count on the number of days, you would have lots of surprises.

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