Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with just 2K-resolution display?

We have already covered many stories confirming that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would have the 4K-resolution display, but now it seems like Galaxy Note 5 display configuration is in dilemma. Frankly speaking, there is no need of 4K resolution, already such small size display is with the 2K resolution display. If you observe the high-end smartphones of other brands such as Sony and Apple, they are still limited to full HD resolution and it seems like they are not interested in taking the resolution of smartphone display to 2K.

Galaxy Note 5 display

The main concern of different brands, not to increase the resolution of display is only the battery life. More pixels, more energy leads to lesser battery backup. However, Samsung in 2014, done a marvellous job by creating the 2K resolution display in Galaxy Note 4, which was more energy efficient than the Galaxy Note 3 display, so Samsung will only bet on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 display to be 4K resolution, if they have some energy efficient solution.

 Galaxy Note 5 display

They can increase the battery size up to a limit and after that if more resources are implemented in the phone, so in the end user has to suffer with lower battery hours. So, what do you think? More resolution (which is actually not needed, 2K resolution is more than enough) or more battery life?

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