Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual-SIM (Duos Version) with microSD slot

No doubt, Samsung has kept so many surprise behind he Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch and here comes one of them. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 dual-SIM version would be official after the launch of original version. There won’t be just two SIM slots but also, microSD card slot. There won’t be dedicated microSD card slot, but one SIM slot would act as microSD card slot. Isn’t it amazing? Well, yes and Samsung has shown this in the past too, if you remember the Galaxy E series phones. There also, we had such configuration of SIM slot and microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 dual-SIM Duos

The other configuration of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 dual-SIM or Note 5 duos version would be exactly same as of original version but the price would be little higher of course. At the moment it would difficult to comment on the price, but you could be sure of one thing that Galaxy Note 5 dual-SIM or Note 5 duos would be released after the original Note 5 release. What could be the reason behind it, is internal we can’t comment on it. So, let’s wait for our final verdict.

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