Samsung Galaxy Note 5 images are here!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 images leaked again, and this time suggested again the very similar design to the Galaxy S6. Even we can say, Note 5 is the bigger version of S6 with the tweak of display, S-pen and new processor.

Galaxy Note 5 images

As you can see in the images, you would merely notice the difference between the S6 and Note 5 images that have been leaked over the web, but 100 believing on them, we won’t recommend. As lot more to come on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch date i.e. 13th August.

Galaxy Note 5 images leaked

Also, as per the rumours the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus is actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge. And the confusion is going on that what would be the actual name, would it be Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2? or Galaxy Note 5 Edge or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, well the confusion would be far away as Samsung would comment. Just for the information, as on the web the rumour regarding the Galaxy Note 5 launch date 13th August spread like fire on the web but Samsung is not saying a single word out.

If we try to think, why there is early launch of Note 5, then only one thing would come in your mind i.e. competition between other brands. Just for the information, on the other hand Apple is also planning to launch the iPhone 6S Plus.

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