Samsung Galaxy Note 5 no microSD slot: Confirmed :(

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 microSD slot is in the discussion since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6, well the reason is very simple. S6 lacks the microSD slot and it was very disappointing, for more memory version people have to pay more. Well, Samsung had a reason that Galaxy S6 internal memory was that faster, it can’t be synced with present microSD latest generation, but after few months of S6 there was a happy news, Samsung would definitely bring Galaxy Note 5 microSD slot. But now things are going in another direction, we can still call it as a leak but internal news reveals that we would not see Galaxy Note 5 microSD card slot, hence you won’t able to expand memory.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 microSD slot

Are you sad, as Galaxy Note 5 microSD slot lacks? Well, expanding memory is not all you required, Samsung is going to stuff the latest and fastest hardware which is not even available to other manufacturers, so in the war of Galaxy Note 5 with other phones, Note 5 wins with a great gap,

on another hand, few rising manufacturer like OnePlus and Xiaomi are ready to take benefits from the high-end cost for the beast like Note 5.

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