Samsung Galaxy Note 5 retail box and images are here

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 continuously appeared in many images that were leaked in the past few days and here we have fresh Galaxy Note 5 images and also the Note 5 retail box stating all the official specifications that starts with the octa-core processor, 5.7 inches 2K resolution display, 16MP and 5MP camera and lots more.

Galaxy Note 5 retail box Also in the below Galaxy Note 5 images, it is clear that Samsung had made a dashing smartphone which looks awesome and faster to any generation of the existing smartphone.

Galaxy Note 5 images

Just two more days and then we would have all official information, but the actual release date could be two weeks ahead to the launch, but still it’s not far as our real beast would appear on the market shelves in this month only.

Note 5 images

Also, the launch is going to be more interesting as Samsung is going to include the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus as well, but what would be the exact name of the device is still not confirm, would it be Galaxy Note 5 Edge, or Note Edge 2, so wait for two more days and everything would be clear, cheer!

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