Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specifications

Last few months were not that profitable for Samsung as it was a year ago. Things are same but fall in the sales of Samsung smartphone is not only the rise of new brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus. But also other companies are following Samsung’s footprint. For example, iPhone 6 Plus by Apple, the launch of this device is already recorded as profitable diamond of Apple. The sales of Galaxy Note series are not falling but the growth of sales are falling and the reason behind could be similar design and not something new. And now every Android fan wants to see something revolutionary with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs.

Galaxy Note-5 Front-Metal-Look

There have been already lots of rumours for Galaxy Note 5 Specs but there is no official information although Samsung has already presented few of the components that might power the next flagship of Galaxy Note series. One of them is LPDDR4 8GB DRAM, and yes we could see this even in the upcoming Galaxy S6. But again we want to tell you no confirmation. Already we have published our concept regarding the presence of rotatory camera sensor of 21MP in the section of Galaxy Note 5 Specs.

But Samsung will not risk itself on something like that and yes there is also possibility if the rotation of camera would be inside mechanical not outside mechanical and it is more practical and challenge for inside mechanical rotation of camera would be challenging for the designers as it might increase the thickness. Qualcomm 810 is also out and it can support 21MP camera and next generation Qualcomm 815 or Qualcomm 820 would support more resolution and better camera speed sensor. And in Note 5, Samsung may use the one of them.


Also, it is worth mentioning the next Exynos octa-core processor would be amazingly unique with its process and threading technology. Octa-core processor of Samsung Exynos entered in the market with the launch of Galaxy S4 and now after the launch of Galaxy Alpha, Samsung revamped its processor of octa-core chip and now 8 cores can work together if the task needs. There are two pairs of quad-cores. But new Exynos can get the different-different 8 cores, not in pair but the task thread will use specific core depending upon the usage, it will definitely make the chipset more efficient. Also, the next super AMOLED 5.7 inches in the next Note 5 would be more efficient; already Samsung is expert in it. You can notice the difference in the LG G3 2K display and Galaxy Note 4 2K display.

This was all about the Galaxy Note 5 Specs, and soon we would update this section. So, stay tuned, do comments and discover everything about the next big thing of Samsung at IFA 2015.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specifications

  1. We are looking forward for more new functions of s-pen in Note 5. The specifications of the smartphone are awesome and camera quality is what is much awaited in this device.

  2. It will probably be waterproof to some extent but Samsung will not explicitly say that it is “waterproof” because last time it did with GalaxyS5, many (mostly Koreans of course) misused this specification and whenever they had problem with their phone they just drowned the phone in the toilet and went to the a/s center arguing “hey you said my phone was waterproof but it ain’t. Give me a new one”. That’s why although S6 is quite waterproof they don’t mention it anymore.

  3. Still using note 3, so far i am satisfied with my phone, i’m planning to have note 4 this year but i think i should wait for this one..(note5) i hope it would also have the feature like sony xperia that can be used for underwater so there’s no need to purchase for underwater camera… its all in one!

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