Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7: Brothers but Warriors

Samsung Galaxy Note series was born after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S series, we can say that S series is the base to the success and now the Note series is the peak of that success. In both series, there are such good options that people might be confused in picking their best out of the two and one of the future fights of Samsung devices will refer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7.

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If we talk about the release dates, then you would find the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date to be happening in the September 2015 and on other hand, the Galaxy S7 would be coming in the April 2016 or earlier. So, the people who can’t wait and are the Samsung fans would be choosing the Galaxy S7. If you remember the last Note 4 which was released last September and the newest Galaxy S7 have the same screen resolution but with higher PPI and sharpness S6 won the match but soon, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would come with the dynamic 4K resolution display, also it is clear if Samsung would give the 4K resolution display in Note 5 then next year, we can expect same with the Galaxy S7.

Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7

Overall, in the performance there would be enough difference between the Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7 but you won’t able to feel it in general. Both phones would be powered with 16-core processor and 4GB RAM. However, you won’t get S-pen feature in the Galaxy S7. Note belongs to those people who want to have big display smartphone and an entertainment device. On other hand, Galaxy S series is also capable of both but still there would be differences and Galaxy Note 5 might lead in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S7 war.

As of memory is concern, the present generation Galaxy S6 is much faster than Note 4, in terms of memory and next year it would happen similar, but the question is, would it be very significant? Well, yes it would be. But time being, Note 5 memory would be faster to the S6 and S7 would be ahead to even S7. So, what matters in the end is, how much you can wait. If you are ready to wait more and ready to compromise with bigger display and S-Pen then Galaxy S7 is the phone that belongs to you, else welcome the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the September and see the magic.

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