Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs HTC One M9 Plus: A Comparison

There are lots of big manufacturer that are actually trying to overcome the Samsung in field of phablets and Sony, HTC, LG and Apple have already launched their recent phablet devices. One of the latest is HTC One M9 Plus, which is actually impressive, but it’s built and looks are very similar to the previous range. And now people are confused whether they should buy the HTC One M9 Plus or wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, well lets find who is the winner between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs HTC One M9 Plus fight.

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If we talk about the display war between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs HTC One M9 plus then it is clear that HTC is not ahead even to the display of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the display was very impressive and efficient and now if we would witness the Samsung Note 5 then you can expect better resolution yes 2 fold of the present resolution of the Galaxy Note 4 display. Just for the information, One M9 Plus features the 2K-resolution display as of the Note 4 and now Samsung is playing bet on the 4K-resolution display and it would appear only after the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.

Earlier, it was thought that Galaxy Note 5 would be the first to carry the 16-core processor but according to the news, LG is about to launch a flagship 2015 with the 16-core processor and definitely customers would be reflected towards it. People do care about the things mentioned on the paper. So, fight is not easy. As of now, HTC One M9 Plus comes with the 8-core MTK processor and 3GB RAM. And the results for the benchmark tests are pretty interesting. But already, Samsung is ahead to the One M9 Plus even with the younger device the Samsung Galaxy S6. So, Samsung is going to crush the HTC in the war of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs HTC One M9 Plus.

Galaxy Note 5 vs HTC One M9 Plus

Well, HTC is always praised for its looks and design and this year also, One M9 Plus is enough smart but now Samsung has turned the face of coin and it’s engineers are paying stress on the designing part that’s why we have a beautiful designed Samsung Galaxy S6 and it would happen in the case of next Note. If you can wait for few months then you should not go with One M9 Plus (HTC fans no offense please), or even if you are in hurry then you can think about buying the Galaxy S6 instead One M9 Plus, but still if your taste matches to the HTC then you know, who is the winner between the war of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs HTC One M9 Plus.

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