Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is just few months ahead and people already started seeing it as their future Android device but on other hands, Apple fans are talking about the Apple iPhone 7 Plus but iPhone 7 Plus won’t be releasing in 2015, as we would see first the iPhone 6 Plus. But here, we tried to collect all the rumours and available information for the war of Samsung Galax Note 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus.

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Samsung discovered the phablets the intermediate between phones and tablets and now, Samsung is very proud regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note series and on other hand, LG, Sony and now Apple has started following phablet interests and as a result in 2014, Apple launched the iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest iPhone to the date but still, it is inferior to the Galaxy Note 4, but if we talk about the Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus then there would be definitely a possibility that Apple might be ahead as Note 5 is only the 2015 device and where as iPhone 7 Plus would be the device of 2016.

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus

If you noticed, for the first time full HD resolution display was used by Apple in the iPhone 6 Plus and Apple might consider to opt the 2K resolution display in the iPhone 7 Plus but in 2015 September, Samsung would have the Galaxy Note 5 with 4K resolution, well on paper the resolution is not just increasing, Samsung actually proved its excellence with the most efficient display of Note 4, so clearly in the war of display between the Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus Samsung is ahead.

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus

As of the processor is concerned then Apple iPhone 7 Plus might be ahead to the Note 5, the reason is very simple as iPhone 7 Plus would be one year ahead as it would launch in 2016 but Note 5 in the 2015. But the good news is that, till the launch of iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung would drop the prices of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Well, this is the beginning of new story, new born device the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung, so let’s wait for few months. And you can also post your ideas and expectations or experiences regarding the Samsung and Apple devices.

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