Why you should wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date?

With no time, the rumours of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 spread over the web. The new rumours suggested the launch date of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be 21st august and now every smartphone news site is questioning is it the correct release date or it just a rumour. Well, this is simply based on the leaks and Samsung has not commented on it. But it is sure that within two months Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would be on the market shelves. And the primary question is, should you wait for the Galaxy Note 5 release date or you should go with other phones like Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge?

 Galaxy Note 5 release date

Well, within a month we would even hear about the Apple iPhone 6S Plus and other high-end Sony Xperia smartphone, and you would have again lots of options to choose the best mobile, but believe us that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has become already a verdict. Samsung is definitely going to implement the hardware of generation and the new set of features, which would be eye candy for everyone. Yes, there was a time when keeping an iPhone used to represent the class but Samsung is not far in the race, the latest Galaxy Note 5 Edge is the most awaiting phone till date, even got more fans then the Apple iPhone 6S Plus, so what’s are the reason which are making the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 verdict?

Galaxy Note 5 release date Edge concept images

  • 4K resolution display
  • Dual-curved edges (in case of Note Edge)
  • Removable battery and microSD card slot
  • Metal body
  • 16-core processor and 4GB RAM

Well, the above specifications are enough to wait for, and yes the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date would bring the lots of surprising including new services from the Samsung that would be integrated in the Samsung Android phohnes.

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